What's it about?

The purpose of this website is to display video material relating to Christian worship and witness in the Felixstowe area.  It came out of some videos shot by Mark Reid from 2012 onwards of various events around town.   It is available as a resource for churches, Christian organisations and individuals to display their videos.

Can I put any of these videos on my website?

All stuff by Mark Reid (including FTV material) and webministries.tv can be freely used elsewhere provided you acknowledge it and don't edit it in any way.  Anything supplied by anyone else will have copyright information with it.

Can I put my videos on to Faith in Felixstowe?

Yes, but videos are moderated.  The types of video we are likely to reject will contain the following:  copyright material not owned by you which you have no permission to use - usually music, material off subject such as not about the Christian faith or no real relevance to Felixstowe, material that may be offensive or defamatory, material likely to lead to safeguarding issues.  Remember that this is effectively public broadcasting.

How can I supply my videos?

On your own YouTube, Vimeo etc. account via an embed code or by file sent by CD or email.   It may be possible to publish slideshows if we can convert them to video.

Can you shoot a video for us?

I have limited time and generally only video video bigger events in Felixstowe and material for my own church, but can give you tips on how to do it yourself.

How do I contact you?

You can email at e27mark@aol.com